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Updating your Website to the New Iowa State Theme

Our new theme launch is just around the corner! We’ll answer all of your burning questions and give you an updated timeline for when to expect the new theme live on your website!

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Optimizing Images for the Web

images cover

By Hannah Schultes

Properly sizing your images on the web can feel like a big undertaking! Many people think the larger the image, the better quality they will have when showcasing it; however, this is not the case for websites. That's because images larger than 1 MB are known to slow down your webpage's load time. If a visitor has to wait for your images to load, they may move on from your website and try another! While best practice is to post high-quality images, it's important to find the balance between quality and load speed.

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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences website

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences website is tasked with multiple missions including student recruitment, promoting research, and providing resources for faculty and staff.


Center for Crops Utilization Research website

The Center for Crops Utilization Research is committed to increasing the utilization of corn, soybeans, and other crops and creating new agricultural enterprises by developing advanced technologies and high-value products.

Screenshot of the Music and Theatre homepage

The Department of Music and Theatre website benefits from custom features that make it easy to engage new students and audiences by promoting student opportunities and upcoming productions.