These worksheets compliment our recent webinar series and are available for download.

Purpose preview

This worksheet helps you to define the purpose of your website. By defining the purpose you can more clearly create content and goals for your website. Making goals will help you to strategize on the best ways to provide information to your audiences.

SMART Goal preview

It's a good idea to make SMART goals for your website. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound. Come up with one smart goal for your website, and remember to follow through. 

Audience persona preview

This worksheet will help you to think about your audience from the viewpoint of an individual interested in your website content. These are not actual people, but could be, according to the knowledge that you obtain regarding your website visitors through analytics and research.

SEO checklist preview

A worksheet with multiple checklists to use when creating digital content. It provides tools and focus areas for keywords, technical strategy, and content on and off the page. 

website editing checklist preview

This is a worksheet with a series of checklists for web editing. They are divided into the categories of semester, monthly, weekly, quarterly, and yearly.

navigation checklist preview

Menus are an important part of every website structure, and the new Iowa State web theme features multiple different menu locations. Use this checklist to be sure you aren't missing any important steps when organizing your content.

Priority content preview

Priority content is information that answers the questions of your primary audience. Use this worksheet to help determine which content you should keep, give, or delete.

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